Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Prairie Moon Procrastination Challenge

In cleaning up the blog for 2016, I'm sure I won't finish any of these, so this is my status on the Prairie Moon Procrastination Challenge

Completed Items
January #2 Scooby Do Pillow Done
November #3 Tulip Trio Done
May #4 Christmas tree wall hangings
February#6 Sunset Quilt (Jon’s)Done
October #7 Red, Black & White
March #8 Minkee Pillows Done
December #11 Santa Swap/Christmas Bears
April #12 Black & Bright

Items not completed

June #1 Western Sunset
July #5 Pieced Tulips
August #9 Zippered Pouches (2/7 done)
September #10 Spring Jelly Roll

I suppose I did OK.  I completed 8 of 12.  Not a passing grade, but should get partial credit for the Zippered pouches.  I did a couple of them, but don't like the process. Should have waited to cut them out until I'd tried one.  

I'm happy with the ones I finished, and if we do this again in 2016, the 4 I did not complete will be on my listing.

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