Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Prairie Moon Final Countdown

Our challenge is to 
Organize ALL our UFOs
I've got this one nailed.
I did that at the beginning of the week.
This is a window seat that has all my UFOs housed in it.
I even have my list in excel with the door that the UFO is behind.
These are the questions to ask.
·         Do I still like it and want to finish it?
·         Do I wish I'd never started it?
·         Would I rather have bamboo shoots driven under my fingernails than take another stitch in it?
·         If I opted to make it smaller just to call it done, would that be a good option for it? Mug Rug, potholder, table mat, etc.
·         Should I just get rid of it?
·         Should I quit now, put the extra fabric back into my stash, and use the finished parts in another project, if possible?
·         If I do like it and want to finish it, what's the holdup? What is stopping me from finishing it?
I've asked and answered all of them and have a plan for finishing around 50 in 2016.
I might get fewer that that done, but it is a plan.
Make a list.
The top ones are located under my pressing table and are for challenges I joined.
The ones in black are the UFOs not yet planned to be worked on.
I'll pull from this when I need something to work on or if they are numbers drawn by Stashbusters.

                Located in the green bag
                Hummingbird blocks
                Jo’s club retreat teal and brown
                Maze or Mahjongg
                Charm Square tote Bag (2)
                Under the Sea Quilt
                Sun Kissed table Runner #1
                Located in plaid bag
                Western Sunset
                Pieced Tulips
                Zippered Pouches
                Spring Jelly Roll
                Map of Texas – Lone Star State
                Sea Quilt
                2016 Band T-shirt Quilt
                Hawaiian appliqué (pressing table)
                Christmas squares – 26 alphabet squares
                Mount Rushmore
                Race Track quilt – Patriotic (under cutting table)
                T-shirt quilt – Ashley’s(in extra bedroom)
                Located in black pillow bag
                Ashley’s Art block
                Buffalo Tote
                Casserole Cover
                Chinese Coin strips
                Christmas tree – applique
                Eric Carle Quilt
                Girl Scout drawn patriotic wall hanging to be donated.
                Olivia Baby Quilt
                String quilt
                Sun kissed table runner #2
                Tulip Trio pillow
                Wall hangings – patriotic panel
                Located in Red and Black Bag
                Misc Fall Blocks
                Pink & white strip quilt
                Cat swap blocks (12) Tulips & Cats (2 packages)
                Purple Triangle in a Square (leftovers from 54-40 or fight)
                QBS Mystery Quilt
                Purple and green 9 patches (7)  
                Misc dark squares
                Misc Patriotic
                Green & Brown woven border
                Batman pillow
                Christmas hst
                Christmas panels (3)
                In windows seat cabinet
                2017 Band T-shirt Quilt (will do this in 2017) upper cabinet
                America the Beautiful
                Ann’s 2006 NYE Mystery Quilt
                Dolphin pillow
                Ann’s snowball
                Applique Pixie Garden (by window)
                Applique turtles (window)
                Baby clothing quilt – boy 
                Baby clothing quilt –girl
                Basket block
                Batik & Black QST (left from Batik 9 patches)
                Black embroidered butterfly
                Blue and beige misc
                Bread & Butter Flag
                Bright Bee quilt
                Bright Pinwheels
                Bug Jar Quilt
                Bull’s-eye – 30’s
                Chicken makings
                Chicken strips leftover from making a purse (couldn’t find)
                Children’s book - Tidings
                Children’s book – Woodsy Wonders
                Children’s book Maisy
                Christmas -  Nature gift
                Christmas Diagonal
                Christmas Panel – Winter’s Evening
                Christmas squares (from Carol)
                Christmas Stockings (1)
                Christmas sweatshirt project
                Christmas tree skirt -- blue
                Coaster squares (table)
                Color guard pillow (under pressing table in bag)
                Color Wash from Carol
                Copper and teal quilt
                Courthouse step panels
                Cozy Days Quilt (under pressing table in cardboard box)
                Cozy kitten mystery blocks
                Crazy heart paper pieced
                Crazy stars
                Daisy Banner
                Double Wedding Ring (near fabric drawers)
                Elvis Quilt
                Embroidery blocks
                Fall border
                Fall orange quilt
                Fall panel
                Fall Panels
                Fall Quilt
                Fall Square Quilt
                Fall Table runner
                Fall Yellow & Brown top
                Fancy Fox
                Feathered Star pieces
                Floral & Blue square in a square
                Flower quilt (hand quilting)
                Flower Shop Quilt
                Framed 4 patch (from Carol)
                Frog & flowers baby quilt
                Future Heirlooms (can’t get in touch with her)
                Gypsy Wife
                Halloween quilt
                Heart ornaments
                Heart Struck Runner
                Home in the Middle (Window)
                Horse Barn
                Imperfect Squares (29)
                Jo’s Club blue (by window)
                Jo’s Club red (by window)
                John Deere pillow
                Keri Bag
                Kim’s Pillow
                Leader /Ender 2.5”, 1.5”, 1” scrappy (on curtain)
                Liberty blocks
                Madam Mim
                Midnight Snowflake Wall Hanging
                Mini Scrap baskets
                Mira - Red Hat purse
                Misc panels
                Monkey ‘N Round
                Office going away squares
                Paper pieced block
                Patches for Randy’s quilt
                Patriotic GMFG
                Patriotic panel (Lorena gave me)
                Patriotic stars
                Pink & Green Quilt Panel
                Pink & Purple 9 patches
                Pink & Purple QAYG for bag
                Pink Horse Quilt
                Pretty in Pink
                Purple and brown Baby Quilt
                Quilt Smart butterflies
                Quilter wall hanging panel
                Quilters Dream animal applique
                Red and Black pinwheels odd sized (4)
                Row By Row (by table)
                Run around bag
                Sampler Society BDB (window) 2014
                Shirting Half Square Triangle or Quarter Square Triangle quilt
                Shy Little Kitten panel
                Simply Woven
                Special Reach pillows
                Sunset/ Dragon leftovers
                Teal and blue BDB
                Tie Quilt
                Tinker Bell
                Tree - genealogy
                Triple Irish Chain
                T-shirt Yarn
                T-shirt quilt – random from Carol
                T-shirt quilt - Randy’s(in extra bedroom)
                Western Courthouse Steps
                Whimsy Playground
                Wool ornaments
                Yellow and Blue Birthday Blocks
                Yo yos
I've got this one done!

I don't have any quilts waiting to be quilted, so I'm good there.

164 listed UFOs for 2016.

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