Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015 Goals

How did I do with my goals?

1. I would like to fling the things I don't want anymore. I gave away 189 yards of fabric.  I cleaned out a number of closets and went through stacks of papers.  I count this one as a success.
2. I want to treat myself and my family better. I think I could work on this one again in 2016
3. I would like to use/give away a net of 200 yards of fabric this year.  I used or gave away 300 yards of fabric this year.  This is a success.
4. I want to finish 50 UFOs this year -- 66 This was a success. I'd love to keep it at the 15 in January every month.  maybe I should make a goal of 6 a month for 2016?  That might be a 
    January finishes - 15
    February finishes - 9
    March finishes -  2
    April finishes -  4
    May finishes - 3
    June finishes - 4
    July finishes - 11
    August Finishes - 0
    September finishes - 4
    October finishes -  2
    November finishes -- 6
    December finishes - 6
5. I want to learn how to digitize using Embird Did not do this one.  I want to keep it as a goal in 2016
6. I want to be able to see out of the window by long Arm. Made progress towards this one, but still need to work on it in 2016.

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