Saturday, September 28, 2013

Long time ago

Well, it appears that it has been almost a month since I've done anything.  That is highly unusual. :(  I have been stressed a depressed with my parents health and behaviors.  I need to determine how to make sure I am working to handle my own health and not allow things to become personal.  I am so tired from it all.  :(

Today I've wanted to sew, but DD has needed more encouragement than normal.  But, she is working in my studio, and maybe I can do both.  I have 3 quilts to quilt for others, and I really want that finished today.  I might need to say by Monday.

I have 2 quilts started that I need to determine how to finish.  It's 5 pm and I've not accomplished anything.

I also have a girl scout meeting to plan and I want to do some quilting tomorrow.

Hope to have something to show in the near future.

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