Sunday, July 15, 2018

Stash Report

It's been a difficult year.
Spent the last weeks working on my parent's mobile home and then an emergency trip to NM to help my son with the death of his father.
Consequently, there is much to catch up on here and it isn't the sewing. :(
I did have a small quilting group session that helped me have something to report.
I also gave away 7 yards of fabric, so that helped the numbers too.
It was all scraps, but it counts.

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Used this Week:                                            07.25 yards
Used year to Date:                                      148.07 yards
Total out of stash this Month (July)                  7.25 yards
Added this Week:                                           0.00 yards
Added Year to Date:                                     15.50 yards
Goal:                                                         200.00 yards
Yards to goal:                                               51.93 yards

Net Used in quilts 2018:                              95.32 yards 
A couple of other fun facts are:

Prairie Moon is doing a 350 blocks challenge this year:
Number of equivalent blocks:                  358
Perimeter in inches                               4530

Number of UFOs finished this year:            20
UFO Yardage Used                                75.55
Amount of yardage used in UFOs              79%

Number of Bobbins Used this week          0

Number of Bobbins Used this year          94
Number of Spools Used this week            0
Number of Spools Used this year            25

Kate at Life in Pieces is doing the challenge of 15 minutes of sewing.

Days of Stitching                                      79%
Number of Days this week                       2/7
Number of Days this year                       154/195

Days Organizing                                       93%
Number of Days this week                       7/7
Number of Days this year                        182/195

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Susan said...

I'm sorry last week was a tough one, and I hope this week is going better. I was late to the commenting party, but I'm still impressed that your totals keep going down! I think you did well to sew 2 days last week!