Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cleaning and preparing

So, I wanted to figure out the backing on this quilt.
Problem was I had threads from un-sewing the last quilt all over the floor.
I needed to vacuum.
Problem was I couldn't get the vacuum over to where the thread was.
Problem was I had fabric from other projects still out of the cabinet. 
I could fix that, put the fabric away.
Problem was I needed to get into the cabinet and the doors were blocked.
I could fix that, I just had to move the things away from the doors.
Problem was the sewing machine was sitting there and needed to be put up since my other one was going into the repair shop for it's annual exam.
Problem was the sewing machine spot had other things there.
I had to move them and put them away.
Problem was there was thread and dust around the machine area.
I could fix that.
Problem was I had other things that were sitting on the side of the machine area.
I could fix that.
So, no sewing done, but lots of picking up and actual cleaning.
I finally got enough picked up off the floor to allow me to vacuum most of my room.
When that was done I could pull the star quilt out and make sure it would fit and measure the backing so I could rip it to size.  This is the only time I rip fabric, to straighten for backings.
I didn't get it sewn together.
All 3 pieces are ready to be stitched, trimmed, pressed and then loaded.
I still need to cut the batting.
DS hung up my pin cushion shelf, so I got that box out of the room too, and the pin cushions on the shelf.
Overall, it was a productive night.

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