Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Pocektful of Mysteries BOM

D = Double Friendship Star

to continue with my floral and green theme with the consistent background, this one looks like spring.  :)

My blocks Antique Tiles, Basket weave, Contrary Wife and Double Friendship Star.

I wonder how I'll put these together?  They are 9" blocks and there will be one for each letter of the alphabet.

Now to make the one for Lynne.  I sent her the A-C blocks and can't wait to see what she has made for me.

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lynne said...

oh my goodness!!! i am wondering if they are lost in the mail!!!!! i sent them a bit ago. not sure of the date, but way past long enough for you to have recieved them by now.....i actually sent a,b, c,
AND d and a little pinch of a treat--made a little rug mug from the extra squares from the double friendship block....and, i am now thinking it was a day or two after your birthday........hhhhmmmmmmm........i dropped them into the mail myself so i cant blame any of the kids LOL let me know if it doesnt show up within the next day or so.....and i will get another set made and sent again......i have aune's still here, so i can take a picture and post it so you can know what you are missing ;o)