Sunday, April 14, 2013

How do you sew a quilt together

I've been asked over and over again about how I sew a quilt top together that has lots of rows without getting confused.
I don't like adding the rows together without the chain piecing between them.

Notice in the picture below that the row are sewn together and the columns are connected by a thread. I'm sewing the next piece to the next row. 
 Keep on adding the next piece.  I normally keep the pieces on the design wall or floor in the order they need to be in.
 Keep on sewing the next piece to the next row.
Don't cut the threads, that keeps the unit all together so you don't get confused. 
Keep adding the next piece in the column to the next row.

See how the rows are sewn together by adding the column piece? 
After you have all the pieces sewn together, then start pinning the intersections together for the first two rows.
 Then you sew the rows together one row at a time.  I normally pin to make sure I have the intersection interlocked.
When you sew the rows together you get it looking like this.  I normally iron between each row to make sure things go together.  I found a piece that was turned around.
When I get this completed, I'll post another photo.
Right now, I need to stop for the night. 

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