Thursday, April 18, 2013


Do you ever have a vision and then you wonder if that vision is going to work?  Well, that is where I got stuck on this one.  When I measure the open space, I should have 2 inches on either side of that middle block on the bottom.  It doesn't look like it, but maybe it is just the way the blocks are on the design wall??
I will make more of the 2" strips from fabrics in the quilt and a couple of others that coordinate.  I like the way the middle is, and if I can get the top and bottom row close to the middle in width, then we will be OK

I think I am going to add a thin border around it and then maybe add two rows of checkerboard blocks to the quilt.  Not sure on that yer.  Might depend on how DD wants things to go.  She is 13 and has a definite opinion.  LOL

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phxquilt said...

I like it! I do know that confusion though...