Thursday, April 18, 2013

Good news report

Well, after some stressful weeks, my good news is my Dad's surgery went well and he is at home and not wanting to take pain pills.  Woo Hoo, I pray it stays this way and he takes it easy a few more days to make sure things are well healed.
On the weather front, we are getting rain, so that is a GREAT thing.  Sure could use a steady rainfall to help with our drought.
I hope to sew more today.  Would really be nice to get a couple of these quick quilts together in case West, TX needs quilts to be sent.
I finished my 3 appliques for the month.  This one has an unfinished part because it goes over into the adjacent block.  Strange to leave it undone.  LOL
Now I need to prepare for the next class next week.  No sunshine today, so my window won't work well for transferring to the black fabric.
I bought more floss to wind and use to outline some of the areas.  The dark leaves need some contrast to help them stand out.  Now to figure out what color my sashing is going to be.

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