Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lynne's BOM Double Friendship star

DD wanted the horse quilt to have some red in the border.  I think she is right.  It looks too drab right now.  so, I will be purring the smaller gold inner border and then I went and bought some of the Texas Wildflower fabric that went with this panel for the outer border.  It should be a beautiful quilt.  I think it is larger than I though it was going to be.
Only problem is now I've added abut 12 yards of fabric to my stash.  It is all backings or borders, but still....  I'm still in the postive for the month, but not by much.  LOL

This double friendship star block is a fun one to make.  I love the way the second star peeks out from behind the first one.

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lynne said...

love, love, love it!!!! i sure hope mine that i sent show up sooooooon!!!