Thursday, April 4, 2013

I finished something!!!

This has been a Girl Scout week.  Tonight is the night that they pre-cook things to take on the trip.
I started to make the microwave bowl potholders last night and I got so tired that I didn't finish them!
We have 2 sizes of bowls.  I went for the size in between the two and this is what I got.  DH likes them.  Now to use them and see how they work.  :)
I really want to sew, but camping comes on Saturday.  maybe if we get everything done tonight I can sew tomorrow.

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Lisa Mikel said...

I like your bowl potholders they turned out nice. Good job. Thanks for sharing the picture. Have a great day. I used to be a girl scout troop leader when my daughter was in girl scouts. Lots of fun memories, they grow up fast.