Monday, April 22, 2013

Alphabet blocks arrived :)

Lynne's blocks arrived today!
I just love them.  They are so full of spring!
See the little mug rug she added?  I love them all! 
When I add them to my 4, what do you think?  My flash didn't work very well, but I like them together.  Lynne's florals and mine play nicely together.  :)
Thanks Lynne! 
Ok, last night it was so hot upstairs that I couldn't sleep.  I turned the a/c on.  DH had the heat on.  WHY?  Anyway, I turned the a/c on and waited for it to cool off.  This is what I played with.  I have all these hst that have been used for a number of UFOs, and needed a long term project to use as a leader/ender type project.
So, here is the one I keep by the machine to make sure I have the hst turned the right way.  LOL
My last one was ocean waves.
I also have a project going that is using 1", 1.5", 2" and 2.5" hst.  All bonus hst, so that is a lovely use of my leftovers.

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