Friday, May 12, 2017

thirty one

Not exactly about quilting, but...
I do use the bags for lots of quilting activities.
If you would like to have any thirty one products, my daughter is hostessing a party,
We love the products because they are very high quality and hold up well to rough wear.
She will be able to use the hostess credits for some items for her dorm.
She has her eye on a laundry basket, a couple of totes and some containers for her desk.
I know most everyone that reads my blog is not from our area, but if you would like some of their products and to help out with making this party a success, you can use this thirty one link to place an order and have it shipped to you.
Thanks for even considering joining in our party
I'm so proud of her.


Had to share.
I'm so very proud of her accomplishments

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