Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Weekly to do list

My list for last week
1. Quilt Patriotic quilt
2. Bind Patriotic quilt
I got it quilted on Thursday a bound on Friday.
It is washed and ready for when I need another patriotic quilt.
3. Finish making HST for wedding quilt.
4. Start Shadowing the T-shirts
There might be other things, but those are the key ones this week.

I ended up with huge headaches this week and didn't succeed in lots of things, not only quilting.

So, my new list includes
1. Work on T-shirt quilt
2. Finish the hst for the top quilt
3. Work on applique pixie garden
4. work on applique sunkissed #2 (this photo is sunkissed #1 in process

1 comment:

Sarah Craig said...

Here's hoping for a headache-free week so you can work on all those pretty things!!