Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Make a List Monday on Tuesday

Sarah has us making lists and being accountable for them.
Last Week's listing

1. Find a backing for the test quilt
(Have an order in to my favorite fabric shop)
2.  Quilt Dark Blue Quilt 
Finished and ready for the next need
3. Fix the GS canvas quilt and bind it
It is quilted and ready to bind
4. Work on Patriotic quilt.

My New list
1. Load and quilt a QOV
2. Find backing for Patriotic Quilt
3. Trim GS Quilt & get ready for binding
4. Make bag for DH's lights
5. Quilty Fun put together
6. Start on T-shirt quilt
7. Use HST quilt as leader/ender

1 comment:

Sarah Craig said...

Oh, I love that you're making a list, Mel! Is it helping? Looks like you got a lot done!