Saturday, October 22, 2016

List update

So, I made progress and I have the day to myself, unless DH decides we are supposed to do something else.
I need a new list.

1. Load and quilt a QOV
2. Find backing for Patriotic Quilt

3. Trim GS Quilt & get ready for binding

4. Make bag for DH's lights

5. Quilty Fun put together
6. Start on T-shirt quilt
7. Use HST quilt as leader/ender (I've done this while putting together Quilty fun.

New list

1. Load and quilt a QOV after I make the backing.
2. Start binding GS quilt
3. Make backing for patriotic quilt
4. Finish putting Quilty Fun center together
5.Stabilize T-shirts for Baxter's quilt.
6. Cut apart the HST and press for trimming

1 comment:

Sharon Massena said...

Your stash numbers are awesome! Keep up the good work.