Saturday, October 8, 2016

UFO Busting

Here are my current stats:
Starting UFO 175
Finished YTD 46 (Goal 60)
Started YTD 4 (Planned 4)
Ending UFO 153 (Goal 115)
Veterans YTD 8 (Goal 12)

Vicki Welsh at Colorways is doing a UFO busting event.
Yes, I have lots of UFOs and most of the easy ones are all done.
Now it is something is truly wrong with the project or I don't know where the pattern is anymore.
But, I am doing something.
Looking at the numbers you would think my ending number would be going down more.
But, many of the UFOs are becoming more than one thing.
I am giving myself permission to change the project if I want to.
So, I'm making more baby quilts than before.
I have also started taking on some projects for friends, so that is taking away my UFO time.
I've only started T-shirt quilts and a couple of testing quilts, and they are finished, well all but the last test quilt.
I'm fairly good at finishing the new starts.
I'm actually happy with what I've finished this year, so all is well.

I'm quilting a T-shirt quilt, which is not one of my UFOs.
I will then load the dark blue UFO to quilt.
Piecing wise has a patriotic quilt being put together from 3 UFOs.
This might end up being 2 finished projects because some of the pieces are not playing nicely together.

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