Tuesday, October 4, 2016

To Do List

I am not exercising as much this week because our partner is on vacation.
I have even less energy when I'm not exercising, so that means we have to come up with a different plan. 

My to do list was: 
1. Finish Test Quilt (I finally got the full pattern with the instructions)
I have the top done and trying to find a backing to use.
2. Finish up the Charm Tote
I have finished this and it is ready for gifting.
3. Quilt Kailey's T-shirt Quilt.
I have the backing done and ready to load
4. Layer the GS canvas quilt (I have been trying to do this for weeks)
I have spray basted this and realized the backing is crinkled some, so need to redo.
I have made progress, but not very motivated right now.
There are health issues around the family and I think it is sapping my energy.
I had an appointment cancel today, so maybe I can focus a bit more.

My  new list will be:
1. Find a backing for the test quilt
2. Load Kailey's T-shirt quilt
3. Fix the GS canvas quilt and bind it
4. Cut out HST background squares for HST quilt

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