Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I'm doing something

Do you ever make your plans and they not work out?
Do you think you are not accomplishing anything, but when you look, you actually are?
I am finding I'm being really hard on myself.
I have not had lots of time at home, so not much going on in the studio.
But, I am taking applique with me and working on Pixie Garden.
I am taking bonus HST with me to press and trim.
Not such a great photo, but I trimmed these bonus HST today.
I have taken paper pieces blocks and pulled off the paper.
I've taken a bag of items to sort and get ready to file.
I've made lists of things I want to do, you know the dreams.
I'm learning to digitize and have work on the digitizing while I wait.
I'm doing lots of waiting during this year, so I need to remember that I am accomplishing something, even if it isn't all I would like to be doing.
I wouldn't be this hard on anyone else, so I need to learn to be kind to myself.
Just a little thoughtfulness tonight.

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