Sunday, February 15, 2015


We know the challenge this week was to work on the fabric.
I have rearranged it to make the size of the stacks fit better.
Three shelves are done
Panels on the top.
Second shelf has plaids and flannel.
Fourth shelf down has my 30's fabrics and my Music fabrics.
The orange bin has all the pieces of 30's fabrics.
The third shelf has batiks and they need to be refolded.
I need to work on the bottom two shelves. 
The top of this cabinet has large pieces.
It has my FQs that I have, which is not much.
The bottom of the top section is all my Christmas fabrics.
I wonder how many quilts are in that mix.
So, I don't have enough room for my blues to be in one stack.
My whites need more than one stack too.
But, neither need a full second stack, so I combined them together on the top shelve of the bottom section.
The black, red and purple stack fit nicely.
I really thought I would have more red.
My teal and greens live nicely on the same shelf.
I'm amazed at how many greens I have.
Floral and novelty with the patriotic live on the bottom two shelves.
One of the challenges has me use a tool I've not used before.
Here is my attempt.
I will add to this with more green for Mom's door hanging for St Patrick's Day.

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Shelly said...

Wow! It came out great!