Friday, February 6, 2015

Batting challenge update

So, I have lots of batting pieces.
What did I do?
I focused on this are, because most of the pieces were here.
I found that in a bin below all the batting were bags of batting.
They are out of the bin and to the left.
They should be able to be used now.
The bin is still there.
The poly batting over by the window is in that bin.
It does not get used very often and there are 3 rolls in there.
There is a white bin on the right side of the pile that has narrow strips in it.
There are numerous narrow strips in the milk cartons by the window, so these won't be used much.
The pile on the right is all the odd batting.
I normally use warm and natural and these are not warm and natural.
The two far left piles are the larger pieces.
I'll go there first and if I need to add to them, the pile second from the right will help me with that.
I'm not sure it really cleaned up very well, but now they are in more usable piles.
My goal is to go here first and if I can't make it fit, then off the roll.
I may or may not attack the other batting piles this week.

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Myra said...

The Heat Press Batting Together product works fabulously for piecing together batting pieces. You can't tell where it's at even when you sew over it while quilting. Quite an amazing product. It remains soft like the batting. Connecting Threads has it on sale through Feb 16.