Saturday, February 7, 2015

the busy day

I had a very busy day,
We had our small group today. 
Everyone was busy working away.
I was working on my Christmas UFO and have it partially put together.
The top half is complete.
I need to figure out the bottom half and then make sure the two pieces fit together.
I can see this coming together this week.
I was using the pineapple blocks as my leader/ender.
I have all the blocks done.
I will sew these together and then probably border in the pink and then I'm thinking of using up the remainder of the jelly roll.

Chicken quilt is ready to load.
When I am done with the chicken quilt, I need to quilt 3 quilts from Tammy.
Two are Tammy quilts and one is a friend of hers.

In between this, I was doing band booster actions.
Seems we had lots of decisions to make today.
Also had a nice meeting with my new Fundraiser chair.
Woo hoo!  I'm excited.

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