Wednesday, February 18, 2015

15 Minute spiff up

Straighten and clean up your ironing station. 
OK, so Bonnie is not wanting to do much now, so she picked an easy project, or so she says.

This is my ironing station.

It's a big board with lots of flat surface.
That means......things collect there.
It has been worse, and I think some of these things can be put away.
It will be incentive to do something in here.
Two days of not sewing much or doing much in here and I'm having withdrawals.

Join in with us.

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Bonnie said...

Ok, so I was really lucky that my ironing station was pretty darn clean! There was a ton of dust but not a lot to be put away. I'm starting early on next weeks. I had been doing that for the first three or four weeks and then I kept getting farther behind. I'll be good and get a little done in a few minutes. Keep up the good work.