Sunday, February 22, 2015


It's been a good weekend of quilting, even with lots of other things going on.
A Lovely Year of Finishes project was this Christmas quilt.
I need it done this week before the end of the month
It is about half done.
Ran out of bobbin and I'm calling it a night.
I am doing loops to match the string of lights.
DD wanted red thread, so that is what I'm using.
Then the T-shirt quilt is coming along.
I am trying a couple of stabilizers and think I might have found out some hints.
I have one more black and purple block to make.
Next will be to figure out the fabric for the long strips.
the pattern calls for one long strip of fabric 15" wide.
I think I would rather do something like three long strips to make 15"
DD thought white in the middle would be nice.
I'll have to play with it tomorrow.
This was a quick pattern for a small number of T-shirts.

I have another T-shirt quilt to make that has LOTS of shirts.
This is my trial to make sure I have the process down.

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