Thursday, February 19, 2015

doing my challenges

My cutting table seems to get cluttered often.
When I'm working, it is a mess.
This is after some activity and I didn't clean it up when I was done.
For Prairie Moon's procrastination challenge, I need to put away fabrics and stuff.
This was a good place to start. 
After the process.
The pink is for the pineapple blossom binding.
The black and brights is my super hero fabric.
I think I've made a decision on the pattern for that quilt.
DD wanted to get me in the picture.
Don't I look excited?  
I started quilting the AF quilt.
My machine hates Aurofil thread.
No matter what weight it is, the thread breakage is unbelievable.
So, since it was white, I put in my Signature thread and hummed along until the bobbin ran out.

15 Minute Spiff up has us cleaning up the ironing station.
This is the messy spot.
It has two drawers in the front, but they are organized fairly well. 
The lime green containers held lots of started things without a purpose.
I combined all the hst into the orange box to the right.
All the non hst went into a baggie to be used in other things.
I need to do a creative quilt to use up miscellaneous blocks, leftover pieces, etc.
I put away the fabric on the left corner
I moved the T-shirt quilts I need to focus on from the back to the side.
All the junk found new homes in the trash or in a place of its own.
The screening is next to my batting now.
I cleaned the rubber thing under my iron.
I even dusted the shelf to the right.
I had some additional ironing board fabric and put new on my station.
This is the result.
That white interfacing hanging out of the box is used in making the T-shirt and baby clothing quilts.
My pressing station is cleaned off.
I can actually press a good sized piece of fabric.
That side of the room is looking good.
Of course, there are things to do, but it is manageable.

I so appreciate the extra motivation and accountability of these two sites to suggestion things to work on.
I've had a rough few years in trying to stay focused, and things got out of hand.
I can do it on my own, but the accountability is helpful.

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Shelly said...

That looks like a lot of work -- but so worth it -- good job! I'm inspired.