Wednesday, February 4, 2015

15 minute spiff up task for this week is

Organize and Straighten Up Your Batting Collection.

Check out Bonnie's site to see her spiff up.

One thing Bonnie said that I thought was wonderful was "I've been doing for years and really like is cutting the cotton battings into smaller pieces so when I clean out a bobbin area or oil a machine I have something close at hand to wipe off the lint and oil.  So I cut 3 x 3" pieces or so and store a pile of them by my two major machines."
Thank you, Bonnie for coming up with another use for those small pieces of good batting.  I would not feel bad about throwing away oily batting.  I use it to dust other places sometimes, so why not help with cleaning my machines?
I have lots of batting in my studio.
This is under the long arm.
It is covered with my first piece of practice muslin. 
See, under it is my batting on a roll.
There are two rolls there.
One is Tammy's and one is mine.
There is one for Lana too, so that makes 3 rolls stored covered under the long arm. 
Then, this is the mess.  These are the usable pieces that are either large enough for a pillow or small table runner, or need to be sewn together for a baby quilt.
This is the first place I go to find a piece large enough.
They were organized by size, but that has been messed up with the 14 UFOs quilted last month.
This will be place of focus. 
This stack of batting is all the smaller pieces.
Some of these can be used for coasters, which I make lots of.
I used this to stuff the socks to help seal a hunting blind. :)
It is nicely put into the bins and I hope to find projects that I can use more of it.
It is fairly organized at this point.
The batting to the left of the bins is all the crafting batting that I don't use in quilts but have for other projects.

It also has the fusible batting on top of the pile.
I might be able to organize that a little better. 

This is the batting I use when making purse handles.
It is thin and instead of cutting for the handles, I put it in this bag. 
OK, so what is behind the curtain?
It's more poly batting.
I do not use this in quilts unless someone is very specific and want poly used.
I do not like quilting with this stuff.
I have it leftover from crafting days, and might not use it.
It is insulation right now.  LOL
So, I do have some things I can work on to make this a better arrangement.
I doubt that I'll do a spread sheet or even measure the pieces.
I have my system and it seems to work for me most of the time.

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Bonnie said...

I'm impressed you got 14 quilts done last month, especially since they were UFOs. Great job. As always the key to being successful with the Spiff Up is doing what works for you. I don't store batting rolls under my machine. I always worry about them getting dirty as I have 2 dogs who are allowed in the front part of the studio. And then there is all of the dust that is created in the studio. Ugh. Keep up the good work.