Monday, February 16, 2015

I have to share

Normally I only add in my quilting adventures.
But my 15 year old DD wanted to have highlights and I had to share.
The before photo shows her lovely long dark hair.
Why she needs to do anything is beyond me, but that's OK if she does. 
She didn't like me taking an in the foil photo. 
Then, the color looked like blood when they took the foil off.
LOL  She should that was wonderful. 
In the sunlight it looks like she had all her hair colored, but it was just 14 highlights. 
At home, the flash took out the brightness of the color.
She's happy. 
Her hair is really long.
The highlights are fun. 
Check out the color. 
She wanted to show off the top of her head. 
No, I don't want my face in the photo.
I think it looks really nice.
I hope she is happy.

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