Friday, January 18, 2013


My want to do for the weekend.  It's probably too much, but I gotta plan more than I can do, right?

DONE1.  Finish binding on last Christmas quilt (it is in the car, so that will happen while going to the movies)

STARTED2.  Work on applique of bird (that is in the car too, so it will be started.)

3.  Get binding on the floral BOM quilt so I can start sewing it down in the evenings.

DONE4.  Find Lynne's background fabric and make the Antique Tiles block

5.  Stitch out some band pant labels and see how that works

6.  Stitch out embroidery for Jane's test blocks

STARTED7.  Determine how I'm going to set these Jo's blocks.  I might just need to make a couple of the Double Irish chain to see how it works.  I'm really not sure, so I just need to do something.  LOL

8.  Super clean and oil long arm.

9.  If Sandy brings me her quilts, start quilting them.

10.  Work on the tessellation quilt

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Vic in NH said...

Hiya Meloney! I say that it may be dangerous to always plan more than you can do, because when I do it that way, I feel like a failure. I like setting "baby-step" goals for myself with lots of self praise for accomplishing them. I wish my parents had taught me more about self praise and less about self criticism!