Sunday, January 6, 2013

Problems with photo loading

If you have an idea how to get it so I can upload photos again, please let me know.  There isn't a way to browse photos to get one loaded.  :(

I did finish the binding on Uncle Dick's quilt, and Vicki digitized the label for me, so now to get the label stitched out and sewn on the quilt.  It should be able to be mailed on Monday.  :)

Oh, I also cut some more of the baby clothing quilt.  That is a long term project.  I hope to use my 15 minutes a day to cut.  I have 2 large bins of those clothes already cut apart.

I am also working on the Christmas quilts.  Need one more border on one of them and then I can load it.

Then I'll need borders on the other 2.

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Liz Morgan said...

I have not had this problem yet. I googled and came up with this. Try it and let me know how it turns out. Here is link:

So sorry to hear you are having problems. I so enjoy looking at your pictures. 8)