Wednesday, January 23, 2013


well, I was getting this big quilt done for Sandy.  The day started with the bobbin winder not winding.  DH came and used his strength and got it to work.  Then, the bobbin would just spin, and he fixed that too.
I got the first and then 5 more bobbins wound during the day.  YES!  This is going great.
Then I left to get DD and when i came back I started quilting.  I was down to the last pass and about 1/3 of the way across it.  That's when the needle broke.  I've never broken a needle before.  Why now?  I have no idea.  I cleaned out the bobbin, checked the threading, put in another needle and it broke immediately.  :(  So, guess I got the timing off when the first one broke for whatever reason.
In the process I cut the quilt.  Thank goodness Sandy had leftover fabric and I can unsew some of the stitching and add in the new piece.  :(O
So, that has been my day.
I did do 3 stars for the America the Beautiful Purple Mountain majesty quilt.  need to do a couple more stars.
So, I think I will turn it off and figure this out tomorrow when I can fix it.

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Lori said...

I whacked my needle on a large t-pin I had accidently left laying on the quilt top. It caused all sorts problems which finally necessitated a trip to KS for repairs. (KS was nearest repair shop) More than whack it out of time--whacked it out of line. A day later it was back in the car heading home. Grrrrr. I was lucky--I was to the last 6" square corner of the quilt. It didn't make a hole in the top. (But you should have seen me cutting the needle off so I could remove everything. I finished the last little corner on the DSM. So now I go the extra step and add 2.5" "cheater strips" along each top. I can attach pins out from the edge of the top. I usually sew the edges each tiem I advance the quilt and then remove any pins. The strip of cheater fabric also helps contain any "waving friend" edges. When the quilting is done---I stitch clear around the quilt next to the seam line. then I trim it leaving 3/8" or more of the cheater fabric. It doesn't make any difference--it will all be INSIDE THE BINDING and no on will see it. The seam inside there also helps fill out the binding. I just rip the cheater strips from muslin--I do press it. I treat it like adding a border to top--one that FITS and maybe gathers in the excess from overexuberant sewers. This happens a lot with my best friend--she says she is so glad shes down to the end she just whaps those borders on. And then mean me points out that there is NO WAY I can get THAT to quilt out!! She says I am TOO PICKY! Lucky we both love each other--zits and all!