Saturday, January 19, 2013

Progress is slow

Even with being out most of the afternoon and some of the evening, I did get something accomplished.  :)  I put my Saturday accomplishments and comments in blue.

DONE 1.  Finish binding on last Christmas quilt (it is in the car, so that will happen while going to the movies)

STARTED 2.  Work on applique of bird (that is in the car too, so it will be started.) Started it and had the wrong thread, so I took it all out and am starting again.

STARTED 3.  Get binding on the floral BOM quilt so I can start sewing it down in the evenings.  I worked on this one in the car today.  I have one more side to do.

DONE 4.  Find Lynne's background fabric and make the Antique Tiles block

5.  Stitch out some band pant labels and see how that works

6.  Stitch out embroidery for Jane's test blocks

STARTED 7.  Determine how I'm going to set these Jo's blocks.  I might just need to make a couple of the Double Irish chain to see how it works.  I'm really not sure, so I just need to do something.  LOL I have planned out the double Irish chain.  I will use the brown and blue variety of prints I have used in the blocks and some others.  I will use the background fabric from the squares as the background on the double chain.  I will use the 9" block from Jo's retreat as the center of the alternating block.  When I run out of those blocks, I will use the background fabric or determine an easier block to use.  I doubt I will make more of these blocks.

DONE 8.  Super clean and oil long arm.

9.  If Sandy brings me her quilts, start quilting them.  I have one that I will load tomorrow to quilt for her.  It is an all over design of quilting, so it should not take lots of time.  After church should allow me to work on it.  I hope.

On-GOING 10.  Work on the tessellation quilt

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