Friday, January 18, 2013

The Weekend

Today is a half day of school.  Our tradition is to go to a movie after school is out.  Don't really have many options to choose from that are PG rated.

So, my sewing plans are limited because of other activities.
The weekend is full of other things too, but I should be able to get a little sewing time in.

Isn't this beautiful?  I did one of these at a retreat with Marge of Delaware Quilts. I have no idea where the photo went, but mine was of a countryside instead of a beach.  I have one of these started -- a beach one -- another UFO -- that I would like to work on.  I found it when I was looking for something else.  LOL

My BOM with Dorothy is also going to be a swap.  Maybe this will keep me committed and on task during each month.  Lynne and I are swapping, and we've known each other on-line for a long time.  Now we will be working together to make this 26 month project a little larger.  :()  My colors are floral with a green (not this one all the time) and a white on white background.  So, it is hopefully going to be like a garden.  I really don't like this pink fabric, but it was the first one that was large enough for this block.  It will look fine with all the other alphabet blocks, but  I can't wait to have more to tone it down some.  LOL
Lynne's will be more Jo Morton/thimbleberry colors.  I'm looking for a background to use to be consistent with during the 2 years.  As soon as I find that, I will be making her block.  We are shipping to each other every quarter, so that will make it exciting to have a gift in the mail.  Then we can see how it all is going together.  I'm excited to see the different florals from my scrap drawer mix with the scraps of green.  Will this help reduce those scraps and allow me room for more scraps to go in?  I sure do hope so.  I did the other BOM with floral scraps too, and didn't make a dent.  LOL

My want to do for the weekend.  It's probably too much, but I gotta plan more than I can do, right?
1.  Finish binding on last Christmas quilt (it is in the car, so that will happen while going to the movies)
2.  Work on applique of bird (that is in the car too, so it will be started.)
3.  Get binding on the floral BOM quilt so I can start sewing it down in the evenings.
4.  Find Lynne's background fabric and make the Antique Tiles block
5.  Stitch out some band pant labels and see how that works
6.  Stitch out embroidery for Jane's test blocks
7.  Determine how I'm going to set these Jo's blocks.  I might just need to make a couple of the Double Irish chain to see how it works.  I'm really not sure, so I just need to do something.  LOL
8.  Super clean and oil long arm.
9.  If Sandy brings me her quilts, start quilting them.
10.  Work on the tessellation quilt

So in-between movies, Equessence event, nail appointment and life, I plan on working on those things.

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