Friday, January 18, 2013

BOM for Lynne

 OK, what happens when you are doing a simple block and thing you know what it should be placed as?
You don't turn the corner blocks the right direction and you get this block.
See the seam ripper right next to it?
That's right, I had to unstitch the corners and rotate them
Once you turn the corners the correct way, you get a beautiful Antique Tile block.
Hope Lynne likes this.  I had a cream on cream for the background, and it will be consistent.
I imagine the blue will go into more than one block.
the brown is a Jo Morton print with a little blue in it.

This is pretty.  I could see a complete quilt like this.

So, I went to get my flowered block and I have no idea what I did with it.  How could I misplace it so quickly?  I know it will turn up, but I was going to decorate my curtains with these fun BOM alphabet blocks.

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Ruth Ann said...

I love the first block even if it is "wrong". The corners sort of look like hearts. The remade one looks good too. You are making a lot of progress.