Monday, January 14, 2013

Binding done

No photo today.  The second Christmas quilt is in the dryer.  Might have the photo tomorrow.  I hurt my shoulder, so I decided to take it easy and just sewed the binding on the second Christmas quilt.  I have the binding ready to sew on the 3rd Christmas quilt.  Maybe I can do that tonight or tomorrow morning.

I was going to the school tomorrow, but what I need to do will not be easy with my shoulder the way it is.  So, I will have to postpone it.  :(

I am working on getting the backing together for the BOM quilt.  I think it is going to need to be pieced.  :(  I don't think I will piece the batting this time because of my shoulder.  I'll wait to handle that size of pieced batting at a different time and day.

Want to see a young me in San Francisco?  That has to be 15 to 16 years ago.  LOL

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Liz Morgan said...

San Francisco is very a pretty city. Where was picture taken, Alcatraz? Very pretty picture of you.