Saturday, April 18, 2015


1. Load and quilt and bind a Love quilt – the love quilt is quilted.  Now to trim and bind it.  I'll put the binding on and then this evening when I'm sitting some with DH, I'll do the hand work. Still working on it.  I didn't sit still long enough tonight.

2.    Get the border on my black and bright UFO – I know that I’m going to do a black/bright/black border with 4-patches in the corners.  The bright is going to be scrappy.  I’m pulling those colors in my breaks. might have changed my mind.  I might use a kids print to bring out the kid fabric in the middle.

3.    Finish the animal UFO – I have the center together.  I Know what fabric I'll use for the border and will put a black 1" border to stop the center.  This is a fun quilt and all out of stash and will be a finished UFO soon!

4.    Load Tammy’s Love Quilt - It is loaded and half a pass done before I ran out of thread. I'm quilting loops and flowers like in the fabric.

5.    Start the process for the Band T-shirt quilt – I pulled the band T-shirts.  I thought I had 4, but only have 3, so I will need to adjust my pattern a little.  I need the black and bright off the design wall before I can really focus on this one.

6.    Make 3 thread baskets – I cut the pieces for these.  They take a little concentration to get right.  Then it is some hand sewing.

     7.  Organization challenges – I looked at my rulers and I think they are OK the way they are.  I would like another holder to hold the larger rulers, but they fit in-between the two there OK.  If I can, I might take an inventory of them to know what I have for the specialty rulers.  I sometimes wonder why I have specialty rulers.  I don’t seem to use them as much as I thought I would

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