Sunday, April 12, 2015

Design for T-shirt Quilt

So, our colors are Blue and Gold.
The gray areas will be the 4 T-shirts I have for this year.
The SC stands for the School.
The big white spot is actually keyboard fabric that I bought.
The white is many 2" squares cut and sewn back together.
The rest of the piano is 2" black squares cut and sewn back together.
I think this will be a fun quilt to make.
I will start the cutting and sewing this week.
I am not sure about the red, but when I took it out, it was dull.
This is a modified design from one of the McCall's Quilting (2005) magazines I've been going through.

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Meloney Funk said...

Only my daughter and I like this design, so I'm going with stars.