Thursday, April 23, 2015

15 Minute Spiff Up

So, if you go to the red icon on the right, you can get to the 15 minute spiff up site with Bonnie.
The week is 
Spiff Up your computerized files where you've stored all your quilting ideas.

Yikes, this will take more than a week to do.  LOL
It is a job that needs to be done.
I know I have things there and no way to find them.
Good idea.

I know my bags section is fairly organized.
I know I want to have a gifts folder.
I know I need a pieced quilt folder.
I know I need a setting folder.
I wonder what else I need?

1 comment:

Tammom said...

I create a single folder and put everything in it (I'm dealing with photos and not quilt patterns and such). Once I have gone through everything, then I create folders based on whatever way I want to sort all of the files. Is so much quicker, to me, to do it this way...instead of cutting from somewhere and pasting to somewhere else one document at a time.