Sunday, April 12, 2015

Design Walls

I know I have to focus on printing and filing taxes tomorrow, so I'll do my design wall post tonight.
My Monkey 'N Around top is done.
I need to figure out the backing and get it ready to quilt.
There are a few other quilts in front of it. 
I cleaned up my area(s).
Prairie Moon is the one with this task this week.
The screen and canvas is for a project with DD. 
The jewelry making parts are all in that one area instead of the extra bedroom.
Black and Bright center is together.
I really like bright and black!
I have 4.5 of the 4-patches leftover.
I think I want to add a black border, but I'm wondering if I want a strip down the center of a bright color. 
This became the project to sew together to finish the last border of the Monkey 'n Around.
I need to sew the rows together and then figure out what I want for a border for it.
This was my 15 minute spiff up task too.

It was a good sewing weekend.


Shelly said...

The bright and black quilt is wonderful! I like your idea of a stripe of color down the center of the black borders.

swooze said...

Love your Monkey quilt. My hairdresser has a mirror that is similar and it made me want to copy it. I'm going taxes today too.....

Bonnie said...

Yea! Using your strings is great. Both of those quilts are great. Nice job spiffing up!