Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Well, I have had progress on my taxes.  
Just waiting to see if DH finds any other deductions before filing tomorrow morning and paying. :(

Made progress on the BOM by one row done.  
This is my first real "modern" quilt to quilt.  
I'm learning as I go.  
The border has flowers and loops.
All the centers have the X.
All the blue has my swirls that are denser than normal.
The white triangles have diagonal squiggly lines.
I did a squiggly line to the center of the center 9-patches.
I echoed the flowered part of the HST. 
Squiggly lines going opposite directions.
This one was easy. 
Basically the same as the one on top.

Next is the squares bordered in the white.
I think I'm doing a geometric meander.
We shall see when I get back to it.

Tomorrow is a busy day.
Taxes in the morning.
Band UIL competition in the afternoon.

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