Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday update

My family loves these.  I made a total of 6 for my GS co-leader for their family.  They make heating things up easy and eating cold things insulated.  LOL
Well, I got the alternated blocks together for this quilt.  I like it, but I really need to figure out what border to put on here. 
Maybe I'll put some blue on the outside to tied the blue in together.
I need an easy project for 8 gifts.  Any ideas?


c said...

oh I would like to know how to make those yellow GS bowls! Beautiful quilt

Lori said...

Oh dear--I laughed when I saw the bowl potholders! If you only glance at the picture--the chair back looks like someone's butt (in very tight leotards) and its almost like you got the butt cheeks in the bowl potholders!

Mel said...

Oh my, you do have an imagination. LOL Thanks for the laugh.