Monday, May 27, 2013

To Do update

Well, not a bad weekend, but not a good one either.  I lost a day and part of another one because of my sleepiness.  :(
I've got 3 tops ready to quilt, and think I have backings for all of them.  I hope.
I have all the other smaller items to finish up, and get the quilting done.  Maybe I will have some time this week.

done 1. Put borders on the patriotic star quilt
2. Quilt the patriotic star quilt
done3. Finish the hidden wells quilt top
done 4. Finish the cardinal quilt top
5. Make a screen bag
6. Make a string purse with pockets
7. Finish my red and black table cloth
8. Sampler Society Block #9

I have something new on my design wall.  You know that pink thing on the design curtain?  Well, it is now on my wall.  I have some pinwheels I need to finish up and see what else I need to do with it.  I think this will be another one of those gifts I need to have available.

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