Sunday, May 12, 2013

May is such a busy month

The last teacher gift is my favorite to make and I make all the time.  The coaster.  I've been making these for 10 years since I received a set as a gift.
Made each teacher the colors DD wants them to have.
I then put them inside of sippy cups. These were just a fun way to deliver them.
I hope the teachers enjoyed their appreciation week.
We had fun putting things together.

DD is a trumpet player and the spring concert was this week.  She is so much fun listening to.  I'm so proud of her.  She played this concert with NO voice.  She can still blow, but she can NOT talk.
Then, DS graduated from Alamo Colleges yesterday. 

After graduation we found him looking so happy. 
Then, just like when he graduated high school and his sister was almost 2, she stole his cap and wore it.  LOL  somethings never change.

Went went out to eat and celebrate and then I did nothing all day long!

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