Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday update

Wow, what a day.  DD woke up and was feeling bad.  Bad enough that we took her in.  When we got home she went right to bed.  She has been sleeping all day long. :( 

Update on what I've been working on.  I found this DIY Keyboard Wrist Rest and am trying to make them.  I adjusted the filling to be the cut off pieces from my quilting.  I think they will even out as they are used.  I also added batting to the piece before sewing together to give it more cushion.  I wanted them to be washable.
patriotic one

Red and brown                                                           Pink and Brown

I would like to make a few more for gifts.

A pocket full of Mysteries Block E for Easy partial seams

                 This one is mine.                                                                      This is for Lynne.

What am I using for leader enders now?  This block, and I have 9 of them done.  One sits by the machine to make sure I align the pieces correctly.

I had so much planned for today, but life throws us curve balls.  I am trying to get a few things done.

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