Sunday, May 26, 2013

Update on list

Not a good photo, but I have the borders on the patriotic quilt.  For some reaston I decided on the blue inner border instead of white, and I like it.  I have the backing fabric for this one, so that is good.
Update on the weekend listing.  Not a very good coverage, but 2 of the list is done.
I might change my strategy and not quilt anything, but just make the tops and backings to make sure I can quilt them as soon as I can -- next 2 weeks.

done  1. Put borders on the patriotic star quilt
2. Quilt the patriotic star quilt
3. Finish the hidden wells quilt top
done  4. Finish the cardinal quilt top
5. Make a screen bag
6. Make a string purse with pockets
7. Finish my red and black table cloth
8. Sampler Society Block #9

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