Sunday, March 3, 2013

Worked on BOM

My apocketfulofmysteries Alphabet BOM A-C

I'm making these for Lynne.  These are her Alphabet blocks c - a.  (Why is it upside down?)

Contrary wife for Lynne

My Contrary wife that I had to rip out because I turned one of the hst. :(

One item off my list.  Lynne's blocks are ready to mail in the morning.

So, since DD is not feeling well, we are staying home today. 
What is on my to do list for today and this week?
2.  Put borders on Black and White and red all over.
3.  Put borders on floral 4 patch
4.  Put borders on floral 4 patch
5.  Put binding on double knit quilt
6.  Prep Home in the Middle
7.  Prep Whimsical Garden and start applique
8.  Prep Whimsical Garden
9.  Prep Pixie Garden

1 comment:

Ruth Ann said...

woohoo, you go girl! You are making lots of progress. Does it feel good to cross off items?