Sunday, March 24, 2013

not much progress

Well, the quilt is loaded, and then I ran out of energy. 
Went to make dinner and dropped a bowl that shattered.  I hate that, because I'm never sure I get all the pieces.  No going barefoot for a few days.
Then, after dinner DH wanted to watch some of Earth2.
Now I'm ready to go to bed, so I'll work on this during the week and hope to have it done soon.
I did cut some piano keys for the flower quilt,  UFO #1b.
I did cut on the baby clothing quilt too.  That needs more work, but my hands hurt after a few cuts.  So, I'm working to do maybe an outfit at a time.  Maybe that will work some for me.
This is my week for the applique class, so I'm excited about that one.

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