Monday, March 18, 2013

It's a Flimsy!!!

OK, so you've seem my black and white and red all over quilt that I've been talking about for over a month.  It is finally a flimsy.  I knew it was big, and remember, I got 2 table runners from these blocks.  Thank goodness I didn't put them with this quilt.  It is huge. 
 It is on my king sized bed!  I didn't realize I made it this big.  No wonder I had trouble maneuvering it around the sewing machine!
Now to find the backing for this one.  Hopefully one of the wide backs will work for it.  I know I'll be binding it in red, but I'm not sure if it will be scrappy or one color of red.  I'm leaning towards scrappy.
I originally thought I might quilt it in red roses, but on playing with it more, there might be a need for hearts instead.  The quilts always talk to me when I am loading them.  :)
After a long day, I did accomplish something quilty.  Yeah!

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