Monday, March 11, 2013

First day of spring break

We live near San Antonio.  I've been to some of the missions, but not all of them.  DD has only been to the Alamo and doesn't remember it.  DH has been to more of them because of his job taking them there one year.  DS has been to a couple, but not in a number of years.  So, we decided to try and go to the missions and visit parts of San Antonio.  Today we spent a nice day going to 3 of them.  San Jose, San Juan, & Espada.  We also went to the aqua duct of Espada.  The kids hiked around the aqua duct area and had a grand time.  Randy and I went the easy route and took a walk too.  All the missions are so different, and DD is going to write up a paper on her experience in Spanish.  This is for extra credit so she can help maintain that A honor roll.  :)

Randy made wonderful sandwiches for us with lots of avocado, bean sprouts, tomatoes, cheese, ham, chicken and turkey.  yummy.  We had that, plenty of drinks and fruit.  It was a healthy day and fun too.

On a quilty note, I'm about half done with binding that ugly double knit quilt.  My fingers hate it as much as my eyes do.  LOL  It is difficult going through that fabric.  I even have a sore finger from the binding.  But, tomorrow I should be able to get it done!   That will be one UFO done.

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