Friday, March 8, 2013

Nothing done, but adding updated photos

OK what a week this has been 4 of 6 of us had ear doctor appointments to figure out how to get the wax to not be so full in our ears. 
Then, DH had a follow up appointment for his diabetes and brain scans.  The brain scan came back negative for a brain tumor.  Thank the Lord!
Then, I started having nose bleeds.  I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon.
Then, the band was turning in uniforms and I was there to help that process. 
Then I was worn out.... so not much got done. 
I did get this applique flower from Whimsical Gardens finished while waiting on doctors.  This is Block #2.  I am working on Block #1, but it is more difficult with smaller pieces.  I think I will outline the flowers, but I need to find my DMC floss.
This assortment of blocks is from Home in the Middle.  I think we do the house next time.  I started this with Lorena in November, and it is what got me going on applique. 
i did put the binding on the ugly double knit quilt.  I need to sew it down now.  I don't like the feel of double knit, so it is not at the top of my list.  It will be a UFO when I complete it and will go to a homeless person that will love it.

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c said...

where can i locate the patterns for whimiscal garden?

i have searched.


Bastrop, Tx